What You Get

You will walk out of any Art of Exchange session with a whole new toolkit of skills that will come in handy in almost every area of life!

What you’ll learn:

  • Banish Stage Fright
  • Create Confidence
  • Acquire stage presence
  • Learn the basics of breathing, diction and vocal projection
  • Lead well by speaking well
  • Tell the story! Learn how to get your point across so people remember
  • Read & lead your audience
  • Communicate power & humor
  • Amp your energy—even if you don’t feel it
  • Focus your message—how to simplify your delivery
  • Discover listening skills that sales pros know
  • Make your message clear
  • Read other people’s primary communication mode—and “speak their language”
  • Use your sense of humor: people like people who help them laugh!

The Art of Exchange Workshop provided me with the practical, ready-to-use techniques to overcome my hesitation around leading group presentations or speaking with senior management teams. The workshop presented me with the forum to practice the exercises and begin to incorporate them into my professional responsibilities.

– Matthew Osborn
Marketing & Technology Analyst

Presentation Skills:

Presentations advance careers, sell ideas and change minds. Set yourself apart from the crowd!

Our team can help you craft a world class presentation to deliver astounding results. For example:

  • Define the central idea
  • Create a compelling, interesting storyline
  • Select visual themes for telling your story
  • Develop slide shows or other support frameworks for delivery
  • Rehearsal sessions for timing and audio

My presentation went beautifully. The editor of a national magazine wants to know where I received my training.

– Emily Kirkpatrick
Vice president
National Center for Family Literacy