The Reviews are in!

Here’s what people are saying about their experiences with Art of Exchange™ training.

 The Art of Exchange Workshop provided me with the practical, ready-to-use techniques to overcome my hesitation around leading group presentations or speaking with senior management teams. The workshop presented me with the forum to practice the exercises and begin to incorporate them into my professional responsibilities.

– Matthew Osborn
Marketing & Technology Analyst

 My presentation went beautifully. The editor of a national magazine wants to know where I received my training.

– Emily Kirkpatrick
Vice president
National Center for Family Literacy

 We would like to thank you for speaking at our NELBA meeting last week. It was really great, fun & informative! We learned a lot and enjoyed the improv!

– Program Committee

Thank you so much! I feel like I truly benefited from the workshop (and actually enjoyed it).

– Lisa Avetisian
National Center for Family Literacy

Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with us at FREML Tuesday. It was a wonderful presentation and I know how much everyone enjoyed it –  I’ve been using the “red rubber baby buggy bumpers” trick already this week!

– Linda S. Speed, J.D.
FREML (Fund Raising Executives of Metro Louisville)

Thank you for the bet professional development program we have enjoyed in quite some time. The buzz continues among our PRSA members & guests!

– Janet Pinkston
Bluegrass Chapter
Public Relations Society of America

In 2007, I took a class called the Art of Exchange from Eilert, Inc.  I have always felt awkward in dealing with presentations in front of people that I don’t know and I was frankly hoping that the class would help.  I must say that the class far exceeded my expectations, while I still have some degree of nervousness when I make a presentation, I have gained significant amounts of confidence from the course, being able to look at my audience and read what they are reacting to allows me to adjust my presentation on the fly making sure that people really understand the issues and information I am trying to convey.  This has been helpful while I did consulting work, but since returning to school to work on a doctorate, it has become invaluable.  I can hear, see and adapt to new situations as they occur.  When interviewing as part of my research I can see and hear stressors in voice and actions of the individuals that I interview, allowing me to quickly hone in on items of interest to them and to my research.  In presenting my research, it allows me to adapt the proper framework to make sure that the audience understands what I am talking about and I can maintain their interest in the subject matter without losing them.
I would highly recommend the class to anyone that has to deal with the public from a work or academic background.  It helps in building both confidence in your abilities and also in how to utilize your skills to truly communicate on multiple levels to audiences with different backgrounds and interests.

– Joseph Thornton
Doctoral Candidate
Case Western Reserve University